Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sun. 8/17/08, Millbrook-Dover Plains (50 miles, 4 hours)

With a few breaks. Had a delicious raspberry scone fresh out of the oven at the Best Creations Bakery in Millbrook, the baker said she had picked the berries in her own garden.

Longest ride so far this year. Perfect day, gorgeous weather.

Link to route

Kind of a funny story:

I passed an older rider south of Dover, about here. He was wearing a Siena (Italy) jersey, with a white beard. I greeted him, passed him by and rode on another few miles. Then I saw him again here. He was stopped and looking at a map. I kind of wondered how he had gotten ahead of me, but I don't know that area so well and figured he took some straighter road and passed me. So I rode by him, and rode on a bit farther. I sat down to take a short rest on the steps of the Wingdale Library. He rode up after a
while, and stopped at the intersection of NY 22 and 55 there to look at a map. He looked a bit puzzled so I rode up and asked him if he needed directions anywhere, and he said "to Pawling!", so I offered to ride with him for a while as I was also going that way. We rode together for a few miles along West Dover Road (a beautiful ride), talking. After a while I asked him how he got ahead of me, if he had taken some straighter road, and he said he had no idea since didn't know the area at all. So I jokingly asked him if he had a twin brother wearing the same jersey. He said yes, one of his friends that looks kind of like him was in the same group and in fact wearing the same Siena jersey! So it was in fact two completely different people.

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