Monday, August 31, 2009

8/31/09, Pleasant Ridge-West Dover Rd., 21.8 mi, 3LFC-0SFC

Cool but perfect weather. Pleasant Ridge Road is, as Larry said, indeed not so bad except near the end (between Susan Drive and Wingdale Mountain Rd.) when it gets steep. Beautiful views near the top, especially from Pleasant Ridge Road Extension. One of those places (the top of Mt. Tom is another) where you'd almost think you were in below-tree-line Colorado or Switzerland.

Stopped at Mckinney & Doyle for one last cinnamon roll served by Maggie behind the counter.

I was contemplating two new terms while riding: "LFC" and "SFC", as ratings for rides. "L" = long, "S" = steep, "C" = climb. 55 up to Little Pond Road is an LFC, Pleasant Ridge Road is an LFC, 55 from Dutcher to Harmony Hill Road is another LFC. No real SFCs on this route, unlike yesterday's South Harmony Hill Rd. That is an SFC. So is Kirby Hill Rd. Harmony Hill Rd. from 55 to Mt. Tom Rd. is almost an SFC but a bit too short to qualify.

So, this was a 3LFC-0SFC ride.

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