Sunday, June 23, 2013

6/23/14, Kent, 40.6mi, 1c4, 2c5, C474.2

Seems like I diagnosed and fixed the issue that kept giving me flats -- the rim strip on my rear wheel had migrated over in a few spots, exposing the spoke ends. Rob at Pawling Cycling said I was just lucky that I hadn't gotten even more flats. A couple of hours of patching tubes and I was on my way, and 40.6 miles with no flats looks pretty good.

Hot day which seemed to tire me out, so I took the 'easy' way back from Kent (after seeing Al Franken emerging from Kent Chocolate and Coffee as I was going in, wearing a suit and talking on a cell phone) on 55 and 22 rather than over N. Quaker Hill Rd. Still had Ol' 55 and Mt. Tom (a c4) waiting for me at the end.

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