Sunday, July 26, 2009

7/26/09, Towners-Sherman-Wingdale, 39.1 mi

Not as spectacular as yesterday's ride but still good. Got drenched coming back from Wingdale, 2nd time in a week. You know that sound you hear when you are just about to get hit by a huge wave of rain -- the sound of a million raindrops hitting the tree leaves? Heard it on West Dover Road 30 sec before getting doused. I could see the wall of rain as I was laboring up the hill towards it. Took a good break at the Star 22 diner, toasted bran muffin and coffee, conversation with a customer sitting there and one of the waitresses restored some faith in humanity. He asked whether I was going to go up the Wingdale Mountain Road, I said not today. He said he used to run up and down it, all the way to the circle in Unionvale (that I crossed yesterday). "That's back when I was doin' martial arts," he growled. Big middle-aged black man in a dark blue suit. Got up after a while and said "Now that my spiritual belly is full, I can go home and sleep." She asked whether it got lonely riding alone, and said she was going to Spain, Paris, and Italy next week with her boyfriend. "You'll be breakin' all our hearts when you leave, Kath," he said. I like that place, the farthest thing from fancy but the food is good and it feels like a real diner, not one of the modern imitations.

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