Friday, July 31, 2009

7/31/09, another Three Villages ride, 19.5 mi (approx)

Rounding out an active July of biking with a bizarre route that is not accurate on the map, because I followed a new bike path off of Gnarled Hollow Road that Google Maps doesn't show (I approximated below). It led me in circles and dumped me off near Pt. Jeff Station somewhere (near the infamous "bump" on Sheep Pasture Road). I found my way to Old Post Road then somehow was back on Gnarled Hollow again, which took me way past where I thought it went and came out on Lower Sheep Pasture Road, where I finally knew where I was again.

I went on roads on the northwest side of Strong's Neck that I'd never been on before (despite having lived 11 years of my life here, 1967-1978), seeing water views I'd never seen. I always thought it was Poquott you could see from Pt. Jeff Harbor, it's actually part of Strong's Neck. The Strongs still live in the "manor house" according to the sign at the end of Dyke Road, I wonder if it's any of the "kids" I knew.

So many places in the Three Villages are saturated with memories for me as I ride around. Some good, some not so good. Some of the roads I remember something happening on practically every foot; others are empty from that point of view. Some places (like the "Irving Hart" district near the Setauket Mill Pond) have barely changed. Others are full of new streets and McMansions. Many beautiful views and wetlands. I passed places I had walked, swam, skated, snuck, biked, parked, fell, fought, broke down, drank, etc. There were some interesting times.

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